Health & Wellbeing Coach

My name is Joanna Marie. I am a qualified Mental Health Professional and Wellbeing Coach. I offer professional support to help individuals and teams identify and address their mental health and wellbeing needs.

One to One and team coaching to Improve your mental health and wellbeing

Life can be challenging. No matter who you are, you will face some obstacles along the way. Whether it’s financial, emotional, mental, or physical, almost everyone has immense challenges to overcome.

With an extensive background in coaching, I can help you work through difficult issues and develop a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. I offer one-to-one counseling sessions, as well as team workshops that help you develop strategies to build resilience, manage stress, and improve overall mental wellbeing.

It is easy to be in your comfort zone and allow others to dictate what you do and shape your path. It takes bravery to leave your safe space to try something new – fail – adapt – try again and push through barriers. The fear of failing is enough to stop people from trying.

However, everyone has massive potential, but more often than not, we need someone to help us reach it. The greatest athletes, film stars, writers, musicians, business owners, etc., have all had coaches and mentors who helped them understand themselves and act strategically to achieve the “impossible.”

Mental Health & Wellbeing resources

Gratitude eBooks & Courses

Improve your life with a Gratitude Plan. Learn how to use Gratitude as a positive emotion change your mindset.

Limiting Beliefs eBooks & Courses

If we are going to truly achieve our true potential, we must destroy the limiting beliefs that are holding us back.

Affirmation Ebooks

Gain confidence and increase productivity in your life.

Mental Health Coaching Services

1-2-1 Wellbeing Coaching

Coaching is a process that helps you improve your performance-in any field- and focuses on the here and now rather than the past or future.

Before a block of coaching starts you will be invited to an introductory session where our contract will be discussed, this includes topic, length of block, cost etc. If after this session you do not feel that working with me is suitable for you then you are under no obligation to continue.


  • During our 1-2-1 session you may be encouraged to take part in short exercises at home. These will be given to you via a specialist section our website.
  • We can do 1-2-1 coaching in person or online.
  • 1-2-1 coaching is an empowering process.

Team Mental Health Coaching

Improve performance whether as part of a Team or a group of friends with the same interest.

An introductory session will be arranged where our contract will be discussed and the terms and conditions of our engagement organised.

There could be exercises to take part in during the week. A login will be provided to the private membership area of the website, where you will get the information.

Team Coaching can be done in person or online.

Wellbeing resources for everyone

People think coaching is for the rich and famous, for people who have already achieved great success and are just looking for more. A personal coach will change and upgrade your mindset. It doesn’t matter how successful or unsuccessful you’ve been so far; coaching is about your future.

Even if you’re in a positive mindset, it doesn’t mean you are guaranteed success. Being forward-looking is the first step. But you still need to get out of your comfort zone. You need to try; to fail; to learn, and to try again. It’s hard work and requires determination. It can be hard to get to the finish line on your own.

With this in mind, I have created a multi option Coaching business. This innovative approach to Coaching allows anyone to have access to Professional, evidence based solutions to everyday Wellbeing challenges that will suit every pocket.